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Qualitron Bio Medica Pvt ltd product range spans in various Therapeutic segments including Anti-infectives, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Nutraceuticals, Neurology, Ophthalmic in India. A clear therapeutic focus has lead to create a strong product portfolio for us.

Qualitron Bio Medica has a notable presence in Ophthalmic segment in India and has built strong brand portfolio in this therapeutic area. Early identification, inhibition and treatment has been the motto of this segment with a wide disease profile ranging from inflammations, allergies, infections and, surgeries for corrective vision. Our sub therapeutic segments include Dry eyes, Allergy, Glaucoma, Anti-inflammation and, Anti-bacterials.

Prescription Products

Our prescription products encompass wide range of therapeutic segments. Being the pioneer of the Ophthalmic Formulations we offer exclusive range of eye preparations which for many others is… MORE

Products in Pipeline

At Qualitron Bio Medica we strive to bring new molecules in the market that are bioequivalent to internationally available brands. Our team forms strategic alliances with academic institutions and other… MORE