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Overview of (Moxifloxacin + Ketrolac Eye Drops):

CONTROMAX-MK Ophthalmic solution contains Moxifloxacin 0.5% + Ketorolac 0.4%.
Moxifloxacin is a quinolone/fluoroquinolone antibiotic. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is active against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Moxifloxacin has bactericidal effect. Ketorolac, is an anti-inflammatory agent with analgesic and antipyretic properties. It possesses no sedative or anxiolytic properties.


Active ingredients

Moxifloxacin IP. 0.5%w/v

Ketorolac IP. 0.4%w/v


Antibacterial infections and anti-inflammatory


Fluroquinolone antibiotic




Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

Pain, postoperative inflammation and infection in cataract refractive surgery and no significant effect on intra-ocular pressure.

Helpful in post surgical pain.


One drop four times a day prior to surgery till two weeks in operated eye.
Do not use while wearing contact lens.

As directed by physician

Direction for use

Tighten the cap on the nozzle.

The spike in the cap will pierce the tip of the vial.

Disperse drops with gentle pressure.

Replace the cap after every use.


  • For external use only, not for injection.

  • Do not swallow solution

  • If solution changes color or become cloudy, do not use

  • To avoid contamination, do not touch bottle tip

  • Avoid direct contact with eye

  • Close bottle tightly, immediately after use

  • Discard in 1 month after opening

  • Ensure stability of solution

  • If irritation, pain, redness or changes in vision occur or if the patient’s condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours, treatment should be discontinued.


Keep in cool and dry place

Inactive ingredients

Sterile aqueous base


Benzalkonium Chloride IP. 0.02%w/v

General precautions

Inform your doctor about your medical history, lifestyle, if allergic to anything, infections, medication (prescribed or non prescribed) and most important inform if wearing contact lens.

Most important information patient should follow, after applying eye drop blurred vision for few seconds, therefore try to avoid driving or use of any machines. If sign and symptoms increased or worsen consult immediately with pharmacist or doctor.

Intimate your doctor/pharmacist if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breast-feeding.

During pregnancy use if required, clearly give general detail to yours pharmacist or doctors, and discuss risk and benefits about the prescribed formulation.

When drug is administered, drink plenty of water to prevent from dehydration and avoid driving and any machinery work as person feel dizziness.

Avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco and exposure to sun exposure, during the period of ketorolac administration may increase risk for stomach bleeding.

For further details contact your pharmacist or doctor.

Intimate your doctor about infections or any health problems like heart, kidney, renal impairment.


If drugs are prescribed by doctor or pharmacist, provide complete patient information, and know the possible drug interaction caused by prescribed drug.

Share all possible information regarding your medical history, prescribed or non prescribed medicine, lifestyle. Do not start, stop or change in dosage of any prescribed or non prescribed changes,consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist of all as there are different kind of drug interaction, if you take different medication at the same time.

  • Drug- Drug interaction

  • Drug-Food interaction

  • Drug-Chemical interaction

Therefore, lot of precautions should be taken before taking any prescribed medicines.

Avoid alcohol, smoking, etc while administering corticosteroids, else drug interaction may occur.

Side effects

Application of eye drops, may lead to burning or stinging sensation for few minutes, if these stinging or burning sensation increased consult immediately with pharmacist or doctor.

The ingredients present in this formulation may cause side effects in many people. Prolonged or high concentration of doses may increase serious eye problems like intra ocular pressure, cataract, pain, swelling, redness, infections, vision problem etc.

Few side effect caused are-

  • Nausea, vomiting

  • Burning or stinging of eye

  • Upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, bloating

  • Inflammation and irritation

  • Ringing in ears

  • Mental effects (depression, confusion) and headache

  • Blurred vision

  • Visual disturbance


Contraindication in patients having hypersensitivity to moxifloxacin, ketorolac or antimicrobial agents

  • Peptic ulcer disease

  • Gastrointestinal bleeding

  • Asthma, urticaria

  • Allergic to aspirin or other NSAID

  • Renal or kidney impairment or failure

  • People those consuming tobacco, smoking
  • Cardiovascular event, heart attack, high blood pressure

  • Blood clotting disorder