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Cancer is also called as malignant tumors and neoplasms. It arises from a single cell that can start growing almost anywhere in the human body. It can also be called as a group of diseases, where cells behave very differently. 3)-3-2-2016-cancer-day-Qualitron-Bolg Their growth becomes abnormally excessive and they spread to the other parts of the body. They disrupt tissue homeostasis, which ultimately affects the entire organism. Cells fail to respond appropriately to their local environment. Cancer is a genetic disease, which is caused by changes in those genes that control the way cells function, i.e., those genes that are responsible for their growth and death. This disease may be an inheritance or an occurrence during ones lifetime. Three categories of external agents include:   
    Physical carcinogens – Ultraviolet and ionizing radiation   
    Chemical carcinogens – Tobacco, smoke, arsenic, etc.   
    Biological carcinogens – Bacteria, virus, parasites
Cells undergo abnormal changes called hyperplasia and dysplasia. Hyperplasia refers to an increase in the number of cells in an organ or tissue, which may appear to be normal under a microscope. Dysplasia occurs when cells appear abnormal under s microscope, but are not cancerous. Picture1 World Cancer Day is an initiative of the Union of International Cancer Control (UICC), which is observed every year on 4th February. This event was founded to fulfil all the needs to fight and control this deadly disease. This event promotes awareness to get rid of alcohol habits, unhealthy diet and physical immobility, as these increase risks to cancer. The theme of this year is “We Can. I Can”. It will explore how everyone can do their part to reduce the global burden of this disease. Symbols There are different global symbols that are used to help promote the fight against different types of cancer:
    Pink ribbon- Breast cancer awareness
    Orange ribbon- Child cancer awareness

Key Message of World Cancer Day 2016:


  Inspire and take action; Improve and create healthy environment; Work together for increased impact and prevent cancer.

   I CAN:

  Understanding by early detection saves life; Make healthy lifestyle choice; Ask for support and support others; Share my story; Speak out.

   Cancers affect regions such as


Risk Factors
    Overweight or obesity
    Tobacco, smoking, alcohol use
    Unhealthy diet
    Lack of physical activity
    Sexually transmitted infections
2)-3-2-2016-cancer-day-Qualitron-Bolg Prevention

Cancer can be prevented in some cases by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding tobacco and alcohol are a few such preventive measures. The most important risk factors that can be developed to prevent cancer are maintaining healthy diets and body weights, and indulging in physical activities.